To equip our students so that they are firmly rooted in Christian faith and prepared to fulfill God's calling to serve in all areas of life.

Community Christian School

35 High St.  Drayton, ON N0G 1P0

(519) 638-2935




At Community Christian School, we are committed to doing things the right way – and that includes providing excellent customer to everyone, including people with disabilities.


For more on this, please review our Accessibility for those with Disabilities policy.


At this time there are NO disruptions in our customer service.




Feedback Process


When it comes to providing accessible customer service, we will always try our best and will certainly learn from any mistakes. This is why we encourage and appreciate hearing about how we are doing – both good and bad.


Feedback may be provided in person, by telephone, in writing, or by delivering an electronic text by email or online, on disk or otherwise.



Feedback may be provided:


By Mail to: CCS Chief Operating Officer

35 High Street

Drayton, ON N0G 1P0


Telephone: 519-638-2935





In Person to: CCS Chief Operating Officer

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