To equip our students so that they are firmly rooted in Christian faith and prepared to fulfill God's calling to serve in all areas of life.

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Busary Program

Fees and Bursaries

There is a cost to joining an independent Christian school in Ontario. We work diligently to identify ways to make this cost manageable through availalbe tax benefits as well as a robust bursary program.


First, on the tax front: The federal government allows a portion of your fees to be considered a charitable donation. Because this amount varies depending on the number of children attending and at which level they are studying, we would be happy to help you calculate what your actual 'after-tax' costs would be.


Secondly, we are blessed with a strong support community that helps us create a robust Bursary program each year. That means we are able to provide top-quality Christian education in a way that is accessible for many who would not otherwise be able to afford it.


Below is a link to our online application so that we can notify you regarding the tuition that would be applicable to your situation. Our application process is coordinated by a third-party called FAST ("Financial Aid for School Tuition"), created byISM - Independent School Management, Inc.), which enables us to safeguard your privacy while also making fair assessments of each family's financial capactiy.

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