To equip our students so that they are firmly rooted in Christian faith and prepared to fulfill God's calling to serve in all areas of life.

Community Christian School

35 High St.  Drayton, ON N0G 1P0

(519) 638-2935



Our Philosophy

Community Christian School is a school for Christian parents who desire a Christian education for their children.  A Christian school works alongside the church and home in raising a child.  Students spend many hours at school and therefore it is important that they are taught in conjunction with the home and the church.  The home,church, and school each has its own unique task but the tasks overlap and complement each other.  Our school is distinctive from other schools in the area because our students are taught from a Christian perspective.  This means that the students learn that God is the creator of all things and that He is part of every concept that they learn.  Our aim is that when they look at a rainbow  they remember God's promises;  when they see a butterfly that they wonder at the beauty that He has created;  when they see someone in need that they pray for him and try to help;  when they see the stars that they stand in awe at the greatness of the universe; that when it rains they recognize God's created order in the water cycle; that when they have a job that they will obey His commands in their work;  that they will seek to follow Him in all that they do and wherever they may go.


As a school community we keep our school continually in our prayers.   We ask for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of our students, parents, and staff so that our mission and aims for our students may be realized.


Parent involvement is important for our school.  Parents pray for the school, pay for the school, and volunteer to make many events possible.  Parents serve on the Board of Directors, Education Committee, and on many other committees.  They come to the school for assemblies to join the students in praising the Lord, to serve hot lunch, to coach teams, and to work in the library.


Parents who are interested in sending their children to CCS should contact the Principal to set up an appointment for a tour and to discuss what CCS can offer your family.