To equip our students so that they are firmly rooted in Christian faith and prepared to fulfill God's calling to serve in all areas of life.

Community Christian School

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After Tax Tuition Cost 


Since CCS operates as a charity, much of the tuition amount is treated as a donation and receipts for tax purposes are issued.  The actual cost of tuition per family is reduced substantially by deducting from tuition the tax credits received from this tax receipt (approx 45%)


The following is used to calculate the after tax tuition cost:








The receipt for tax purposes varies with the number of chidren attending CCS.  The following shows the actual after tax cost for families that have one, two, or three children enrolled full time in Grades K - 8 at CCS



                       Tuition - Cost per Pupil* = Receipt for Tax Purposes                            

                       Tuition - (Receipt x 0.45)  = After Tax Tuition Cost


*cost per pupil 2014 - $2380                                                    

Gross Tuition Rates    2016-2017


Tuition is set on a PER FAMILY basis, with the same fee charged regardless of the number of children enrolled at CCS.  There is a 10% reduction for families that also have children attending a Christian High School.  Conact the school, 519-638-2935 or for your tuition rate.  You may qualify for one of our incentives.  

New to Christian Education: 

Families that are new to Christian Education in grades 2 - 8 receive a 50% tuition reduction in their first year, and 25% in their second year.


Pastor Incentive:

Pastors who are licensed and employed as a pastor receive an annual 50% tuition reducation.


Bursary Program:

A Bursary Program is in place to provide financial assistance to those families and/or guardians who are financially unable to pay the full tuition for Christian Education.